Laguna Aeration Kit Small

Laguna Aeration Kit Small

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Adding an aerator to your pond can greatly improve the quality of life of your fish.

As summer encroaches and your pond starts heating up; oxygen levels drop. The surface of your pond must be disturbed to let oxygen into the water. So, to help raise the levels of oxygen for your fish all you need to do is add an aerator! 

Having an aerator can also be a large life saver if your pump need to be repaired. While your pump is at the shop and your waterfall is down it can be a stressful time for your fish. Oxygen levels can drop too low and they might start dying. Having an aerator on hand will prevent this from happening!


Made for outside use, however it is recommended to have under a cover.


The kit includes an powerful air pump, 9 m (30ft) winter-grade airline tubing, 2.5 cm (1 in) air stone and a Styrofoam float for adjusting the depth of the air stone.

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