Helix Pond Skimmer
Helix Pond Skimmer
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Helix Pond Skimmer

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The Helix Pond Skimmer


- FISH FREINDLY! - Koi and Goldfish can swim in and out of the skimmer without harm!

- Perfect for both SUBMERSIBLE or EXTERNAL pump applications.

- The Helical Flow of the water moving into the floating weir STACKS and COMPACTS debris!

- COMPACT DESIGN is EASY to install and EASY to disguise in the landscape.

- SELF-LEVELING floating weir for varied water levels in the pond.


- AUTOMATIC FILL VALVE FRIENDLY - fill valve is not influenced by a dirty skimmer


    • 35” Tall x 19” Wide x 18” Long
    • Wide range of Flow Rates From 4000 to 8000 gallons per hour
    • 12” Wide Opening
    • Floating Weir
    • Fish Friendly
    • 8” tall x 8" diameter Debris Basket
    • Self Water Leveling
    • For use with Submersible Pumps
    • For use with External Pond Pumps
    • Excellent for all styles of ponds
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • No Worries about hardware rusting if you need to salt your pond
    • For use with liner, polyurea & concrete construction
    • Heavy Duty Rotational Mold HDPE Construction
    • Overflow Compatible
    • Automatic water fill friendly
    • Easy to Service
    • Easy to Clean
    • 2” Bulkhead included
    • 2” PVC Male Pipe Adaptor Included
    • Unique Design perfect for AIR-LIFT Skimming Applications
    • We can drill holes for autofill/overflow kits FREE of charge per your request
    • Small compact foot print allows for easy disguise in landscape
    • Innovative Design Concept brought to reality by The Pond Digger

    This item ships free in the contiguous US

    ADDITIONAL options

    View All Helix Skimmer Accessories Here

    • Auto fill assembly
    • Overflow kit
    • Stainless Steel Faceplate Extension (for concrete ponds)
    • Quick Release Check Valve Assemblies 
    • Vacuum Breaker
    • Media pad
    • The Helix Pond Skimmer can be plumbed for either SUBMERSIBLE or EXTERNAL pumps. When ordering your skimmer be sure to choose the plumbing option that best suits your design.

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