The Pond Digger Growth Formula Koi & Goldfish Food

The Pond Digger Growth Formula Koi & Goldfish Food

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The Pond Digger Growth Formula Premium Blend Koi & Goldfish Food is a high protein fish food used in water temperatures from 70 degrees and up. You should feed our Pond Digger Growth Formula to your fish several times a week through the summer to promote optimal growth. It is also good to feed our Growth Formula to both adolescent or mature Koi & goldfish to promote lustrous color, good digestion and a healthy appetite. Mix Color Enhancing Formula and All Season Formula into your feedings and switch to Cold Temperature Formula when water temperatures hang steady in the the low 60’s.

Protein Enriched Koi & Goldfish Food

  • Naturally Enhances Brilliant Colors
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Plant Extracts
  • Pro-biotic Fortified for Reduced Waste

The Pond Digger Brand Growth Formula Premium Koi & Goldfish Food is manufactured and milled right here in the United States. So, quality control on ingredients is closely monitored unlike leading brands of fish food milled out of country.

No shipping or handling charges in the contiguous United States for any combination of The Pond Digger Brand Water Treatments or Fish Food totaling $100 or more ~ excluding pond salt and activated carbon

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