The Pond Digger Liquid De-Chlorinator

The Pond Digger Liquid De-Chlorinator

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The Pond Digger Liquid De-Chlorinator Water Conditioner is a PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH product designed to produce dependable Chlorine and Chloramine neutralization, while also binding harmful and insoluble elements common in tap water. Our Liquid De-Chlorinator Conditioner contains natural soothing botanical extracts to help fish adjust through times of increased stress while creating a safe environment for pond fish and other pond life including turtles, tadpoles and aquatic plants.

The Pond Digger Brand Liquid De-Chlorinator makes your municipal tap water safe and protects your fish from the dangers of Chlorine exposure and heavy metal toxicity in new and established ponds. Keep on hand, as this product is indispensable for routine or emergency water changes and during times of transit. Note: When used to neutralize Chloramines ensure that pond has established biological filtration and/or that you follow up with a The Pond Digger Brand Beneficial Bacteria treatment to optimize surplus nutrient absorption

  • 8-ounce Treats 8000 Gallons!
  • 16-ounce Treats 16000 Gallons!
  • Easy Pour Spout Dosing Bottle
  • Neutralizes Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Professional Strength
  • Great for Water Changes & Adding Water
  • Immediate Fast Acting Results
  • Leaves No Harmful Compounds in the Water
  • Fortified with Soothing Botanical Extracts

No shipping or handling charges in the contiguous United States for any combination of The Pond Digger Brand Water Treatments or Fish Food totaling $100 or more ~ excluding pond salt and activated carbon

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