The Pond Digger Pond Clarifier 16oz

The Pond Digger Pond Clarifier 16oz

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The Pond Digger Clarifier is a flocculant that clears pond water by combining suspended particulates into larger pieces that then drop out of suspension and collect into your filter or the pond bottom for easy removal. Your pond will be left with sparkling clear water. All natural seashell extract is completely safe for pond fish, plants and other inhabitants.

Directions: Turn off circulation system in your pond and spray a generous amount of Pond clarifier across the surface of the pond. Approximately 1oz (30-35 sprays) per 1000 gallons. wait 15min and then turn circulation system back on.

No shipping or handling charges in the contiguous United States for any combination of The Pond Digger Brand Water Treatments or Fish Food totaling $100 or more ~ excluding pond salt and activated carbon

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