Helix Submersible Pond Kit 8' x 11' x 3'

Helix Submersible Pond Kit 8' x 11' x 3'

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The Helix Filtration line was designed with maintenance in mind. When you clean our small Bio-Mechanical Filter you don't even have to get your hands wet!! You will only have to get a little dirty to clean you Helix Skimmer. However, instead of dragging wet pads to the nearest hose, there is only a small basket to clean out. We also provide constant help and instruction to all Helix DIY clients.  

Each kit includes complementary Pond Digger Brand water treatments and fish foods

This Helix Pond Kit Includes:

Pro Tip: If you want your autofill or overflow drilled on a specific side of the skimmer; let us know when you are checking out in the notes section!

If you would like to add any extra filtration, such as a bog filter, or add accessories to your Helix Skimmer to make maintenance a breeze; give us a call to customize your kit at 909-794-5217!

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This item ships free in the contiguous US

*Pro Tip: If you have an irregularly shaped pond you may need a return jet! Call us to talk about the options.

Call 909-794-5217 for larger sizes and custom kits


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